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I will be shutting down this blog by the end of October 2011, if you wish to request something to be done please do it before then.
8:57 PM

Cartography -Another Blank World Map

12:57 AM


Back in 08 i made an attempt at recreating the dromites, now you will be able to see it. Its amazing how wide is the margin of quality compared to the Synad.

Dromite Racehttp://www.box.net/shared/s84dgcdp1i
10:45 PM

New race: Synads

I have recreated the Synads in 4e. Take a look in the races and classes section for more detail.
9:21 AM

Cartography - Nordica (Interactive)

Ive made an interactive version of my map for my players to toy around with. If after the loader is done you dont see anything, give it a minute and it should show the interactive map.

9:48 PM

Cartography - Nordica

So i was working on an "Ice Age" type campaign and then i  found out about Hellfrost... that really pissed me off but i shall continue working on my campaign. Here is a blank map of my campaign world.

3:42 AM

Magic Item - Spellscared Stones

I am back! This is a magical item i created ages ago for my Forgotten Realms Campaign. If you frequent the WotC forums you might have seen this already, if not, enjoy!

Spellscared Stones
11:41 PM

Cartography - Island Map

Map i made a long time ago for Happy Asian.
12:32 AM

Dungeon - Caves

12:25 AM

Dungeon - Stables

Not much to say. Still taking requests (as long as they are properly submitted).